An overview of Braid and Factorio -Indie games on Steam

There are many great indie games on Steam to play.  Today I will give an overview of two popular games that have been recently released.


  • Braid

Braid is a beautifully designed game. Braid is offered on steam and can be played on a Windows PC or the Xbox live arcade. The game’s design is really nice. It has a painted design to the game. It is a very pleasing game to look at. The Braid is an interesting game that takes you from a house in the city to rescue an abducted princess. The story is about love and loss. Your character journeys through a series of worlds and you solve puzzles.  Time can be reversed in this game, to help you correct your mistakes and help you solve the puzzles. You can manipulate the passing of time in various and unusual ways. As you journey through the various worlds and solve puzzles you are given different powers to affect time in each world. Some of the ways you can manipulate time is that you can rewind time, you can have objects that are immune from being rewound, you can have time that is tied to space, and you can have parallel realities and other time bending options. With each puzzle you get to in the game you discover something new and interesting. The main character is shown as he is younger and then throughout the years. He changes depending on the time frame.  His hair gets lighter as the years go on. It shows how he makes mistakes and wants to fix them and learn from them. The time warping allows him to undo some of his mistakes.   The puzzles in the game can be quite challenging. You must think creatively to solve the various puzzles.

  • Factorio

This game is another Steam Indie game.  It is a 2D game that you work to create and build factories on an alien planet. To do this you mine for minerals to help create your building.  You also research technology to help you on the alien planet. You work on building the infrastructure to support your factory. You will work to automate your production in the factory. In between doing all of this you of course be fighting alien enemies! The goal is to create more and more intricate machines to help in the production of products at your factory. It’s fun because you can use your imagination to create incredible designs. The better you get the more complex your creation becomes.  When you begin you will have to chop trees down and mine for minerals. You will need to create through crafting the mechanical arms and the belts. As you progress in the game you will be able to get more intricate and developed with your machines.


The graphics in the game are similar to graphics in the 1990’s but seem appropriate to the game itself and works well visually. This game is in Early Access. It is not complete but is a very stable game that will continue to improve as the developers work on it. This game can be played as a single player, multi-player or a co-op game. You can also play it cross-platform multiplayer.

In the multiplayer mode you can work with others to create even larger factories and divide up the things you are working on. There are also mods you can add to the game to change up the look and ability of things. This game will quickly suck you into it.  Before you know it you will have been playing for hours. It definitely can be addictive!! Enjoy!

Keep an eye out for more posts on the various Indie games on Steam.

Independent Video Games (also known as Indie games) are games that initially are made by individuals or a small group rout of people without a Video Game Publishers financial backing. Using innovation and digital distribution methods Indie games have been increasing in popularity and number.

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