An overview of the Game Monochroma

Today I am going to highlight the game Monochroma. Monochroma is an indie game available on steam.  It is created by Nowhere Studios. It’s Genre is a Cinematic puzzle-platformer and is a single player game. It is available on a few platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  As of June 24, 2016 it was available on the Xbox one. Nowhere studios is an Istanbul based game developer.

This is the first published game by Nowhere Studios.  The studio used Kickstarter to help reach their goal of $80,000 to help get it released.


The game is in black and white with cinematic features. There are no words but wonderful music in the game.  The design of the game is beautiful to look at and the music adds to the feel of the story of the game. It is set around a story of an evil man who is a “corporate overlord”. This man tricks the people into thinking he is adding wonderful things to their world, such as robots and conveniences but really works to take over the world. The set up is in the past in an alternative universe of the 1950’s.  The story of the game focuses around two little boys. The older brother is in charge of his younger brother.   While flying a kite the younger brother injured himself.  This causes the older brother to carry the younger brother.  This happens throughout the game where the older brother has to carry the younger brother.   The boys witness an awful event upon discovering a factory.

They are chased from this horrible place by an employee of the factory. They are left alone in a storm. The game shows what you are running from sometimes in incredible detail.    You don’t know exactly what is going on because there are no words but the music and what you see tells you enough of the story. It gives you this sense of danger. You feel your character can be killed at any moment. They have to survive and complete puzzles in order to save themselves and their world. The world is losing its freedom and the world is a vast emptiness. The rain keeps coming in this game adding to the dreary situation the older boy must encounter to save his brother and the world. There are many puzzles that must be solved to help save the world. There is no real explanation as to how the brother got injured but having to carry him around means it slows the other brother down.  It seems in the game that the robots who were meant to be companions have taken over the world. There are robots stationed in people’s houses. The puzzles you encounter are clever and offer a lot of variety. Sometimes you must pull or push a box or switch to create a situation.  It is exciting when you succeed.


As you get further into the game it can be difficult to get the controls to work as you want them to. You have to be very prices to get things to work and sometimes the controls on the game can be difficult to maneuver. The movements of the character can be very slow making it difficult at times to get your character to do what you need him to do. Sometimes the puzzles can be a little frustrating when you are not sure exactly what to do and if your attempts are on the right path.

Keep an eye out on my blog for other great indie games like Monochroma you can find on steam.


Independent Video Games (also known as Indie games) are games that initially are made by individuals or a small group rout of people without a Video Game Publishers financial backing. Using innovation and digital distribution methods Indie games have been increasing in popularity and number.

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