Frequently Asked Questions

8. I would like a game that I can play in first person and explore while trying to survive. What do you suggest?

I would recommend checking out Subnautica. It fits the bill!

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7. I am interested in a game that will help me learn the ins and outs of the game and that has a sim style to it. I want to be able to meet characters and interact and creatively build my world. What do you think would be a good Indie Video game to check out on steam?

I would recommend Rimworld.  Rimworld has an Artificial Intelligence storyteller that walks you through the game. In this game you will develop relationships with others and build your world from the ground up.

6. I would like a game that has some adventure built into it and that can be played multiplayer. What would you recommend?

I would recommend taking a look at starbound. Starbound is an adventure style game that focuses around a spaceship that is damaged and you need to repair it and build your world you land in.

5. I am interested in game that has a flight simulator and science feel to it. I like games with very nice graphics. I want a game I can play on steam. What is a good game for me to look at?

I would definitely check out Kerbal Space program. This game is so much fun. You create your rocketship and have to get things just right so that it will fly. You will spend hours creating your ships and then exploring the worlds!

4. I like games that are visually appealing and are puzzle platformer said. I like games that offer me a big challenge. Do you have any you suggest?

I would suggest that you check out Braid. Braid is a beautifully designed game with a painted style visual. It is a challenging puzzle platformer using time bending methods to solve puzzles.

3. I like creative games that let me create and build my environment as well as have relationships with others in the game. What is a good game that is on Steam that has these characteristics?

A good game for you to try out is Stardew Valley. In this game craft all types of buildings and fences etc. It is very creative. You can also meet and get to know the townspeople and marry.

2. I enjoy puzzle platform games. I have a Windows PC and I am looking for a game I can play on Steam. I don’t necessarily want a game that has a lot of talking in it. What do you recommend?

I would definitely suggest trying Monochroma. As I previously mentioned they have a beautiful soundtrack but do not have any words in the game. So that should fit what you want. It is also a puzzle platformer and is available to play on the Windows platform and Steam.

1. I love games that have beautiful music to listen to while I am playing. I find this an important part of my experience. Do you know any games on steam that you would recommend I check out?

I would definitely recommend trying Monochroma. This game is available on steam and has an incredible soundtrack. You will find yourself wanting to listen to it when you are not playing too!