How To Play Monochroma

Monochroma is a game about two brothers who live in a farm and get to witness a crime that forces them to flee from their home. This crime is committed by a big company that makes their money by making and selling robots in the city.

The two brothers find themselves in the city where they face tricky situations and puzzles and have to avoid villains and maniacs. The user plays as the older brother and the younger brother is hurt at some point in the game and you therefore have to carry him to safety.

One of the main features on Monochroma is that there are no words in the game, just the soundtrack. The player has to follow through the whole game in order for them to understand what is happening in the game. The game also features some interesting graphics that will make you want to play the whole game from start to finish during your first encounter with it.


Playing Monochroma

Just like any other game, Monochroma will conjure your emotions in the game as well. Since you have to carry your younger brother on your back, your movement is slowed down and you only regain fast speed when you put him down. This can be frustrating at first but as you go through the various levels you will get a hang of it eventually.

The beauty of this game is that gives the player a diversity of challenges from the start and you can never use the same trick twice on the game (unless you are getting help somewhere else). It will get you thinking about how to overcome some levels and by the time you are done, you will most likely get that eureka moment and feel of satisfaction.

As you go deeper into the game, you are bound to get into difficult tasks. However, the controls also start getting difficult to handle as well. You might intend to take two steps but then you take three or four, whenever you might want to jump, the character may fail to do so or may not jump rhythmically with your push of the button. Though the controls are a problem in virtually all games, Monochroma can do better with this considering the immense work that has been put on the graphics and puzzles.


The other good thing about Monochroma is the puzzles. The puzzles are realistic and you once you get the whole rhythm of the game, you can hint at what you need to accomplish in each puzzle.

Due to the problems on the controls, you will find yourself dying a lot in the game. As a result, you will have to repeat many scenes whilst playing the game. However, the maximum average of completing the game is 5 hours; therefore you can be rest assured that a day can be enough to play Monochroma.

The game is quite beautiful to play and depending on the updates on its controls, users are bound to enjoy it.

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