Monochroma: Simple And Engaging Visual Design

Monochroma by Nowhere Studios is quite a thrilling and simple game that will keep you immersed in it right from the start. The key aspect of this game is the fact that it does not use spoken words in telling the narrative but rather the player has to be attentive all through the game in order to understand whatever that is happening. Therefore key to its narrative are the visuals and the sounds, the developers did a great job at it and whilst you are playing, these two critical components will prove helpful more than once.



The game is about two brothers who live in a farm. One day as they head home, they pass by a firm that produces and sells robots witnessing a horrifying crime (I won’t be a spoiler by detailing what they saw, you’ll have to find that out on your own).Someone from the firm sees the two boys and starts chasing after them after which the boys begin running and with time flee to the city. In the whole process, the younger brother hurts his legs and is unable to walk thereby making the big brother carry him around as they try to get to safety from the dark villains present in the city.

The truth is that as you play the game, you will lose focus of the whole narrative because of the intense nature of each puzzle. However, you are bound to have fun while playing.

The Visual Graphics

The developers of the game did a very good job on the visual graphics of the game and they are more than enough to attract a newbie to try out the game. They used black and white with a backdrop of red to illustrate the darkness of the city and the horrifying puzzles that the brothers go through. The game also has some very graphic characters and obstacles that will keep you engrossed in escaping them and shudder at the mere thought of having to die. However, the game has a dark hue to it that makes it difficult to see properly whilst playing it and even turning your PC’s brightness levels will not help out. You will pause quite often in order to find different things while playing.


The scenes are also beautifully setup with the visuals going hand in hand in hand with the sounds. At some point in the game you can be able to hear you steps and the subtle sound of the raindrops whilst trying to complete your puzzle. The sounds also try to compensate for the darkness in the game and can give you hints about what you should do next.

Monochroma is one of those games whose simple design and engaging puzzles will make you feel compelled to play it. If you have not tried out the game then I strongly advise that you do so and get some pair of headphones as well as the sounds deserve to be heard.

Independent Video Games (also known as Indie games) are games that initially are made by individuals or a small group rout of people without a Video Game Publishers financial backing. Using innovation and digital distribution methods Indie games have been increasing in popularity and number.

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