Monochroma, The Master Of Silent Narratives

Monochroma by Nowhere studios is a game where the characters are silent and there are no conversation narratives. The only sound you here is the game track. The game is about two brothers living in a farm who witness a crime by a large firm that deals in making and selling robots. They therefore decide to escape and flee to the city where they get into troubles escaping from the firm and other villains as well. The player is the older brother and at the initial stages of the game, the younger brother loses their ability to walk hence you have to carry him around and keep him safe.


The visuals in Monochroma are great and any player is bound to like the black and white game with a backdrop of red. It provides some kind of cinematic appearance that looks cool and is interesting to view. Its graphics also give it a horrifying look considering that at most times, the games scenes are dark. The darkness in the game can be a problem whilst playing this game and even the brightest settings on your PC may not help in alleviating this problem. You might have to pause endless times in order to know where you are supposed to be going or to see where certain things have been placed.



The sounds in Monochroma are exciting and the developers did a very good job on the game’s soundtrack. Every little detail has its own crisp sound and when you are playing the game while using headphones, the sounds will completely immerse you into the game. Probably, the developers made a great job at the sounds in order to compensate for the darkness in the game because more than once, you will be guided by the sounds whilst completing your puzzle. Considering that the game is silent, the sounds contribute immensely in setting the mood and hinting at the game’s narrative.


The controls are quite simple to understand while playing. There are no extra navigation tricks that you should know of as well. The earlier version of the games had bugs that made the controls messed up. With the bug fixes and updates that Nowhere studios has been churning out, the controls have been able to get fixed. However, you might encounter instances where the characters may not respond as fast to the controls as intended and hopefully the next game update will be able to solve this.


The puzzles

The puzzles in the game will definitely catch your attention as they are very diverse and require you to put some thought into how you should accomplish them. It gets frustrating while you are starting off but as you adapt to the game, everything in the game will start coming into perspective.

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