My Story

Independent Video Games (also known as Indie games) are games that initially are made by individuals or a small group rout of people without a Video Game Publishers financial backing. Using innovation and digital distribution methods Indie games have been increasing in popularity and number.  It has become easier in recent years for small creators who make Indie video games to get their games out to the public.  Recently with the invention of Kickstarter (a platform to raise money for projects or businesses) it has become easier for Independent videogame developers to get a start. Not having to answer to a financial backer can make allow developers more creativity and innovation in the gameplay of their creation. There have been many games that started as small Indie games and went on to do very well. Consider Minecraft and Braid.

There are some Indie games that don’t do as well never taking off due to lack of quality or interest. Many Indie games get their start on PC’s or Mac OS. Indie game developers use the methods such as Steam to get their games to the public. The developers will work to expand their reach by utilizing social media and online marketing techniques to help get video game players to try out their game. The nice thing about Indie video games is that they are so creative.  While they all might not be the right one for you to play there definitely will be some out there. Generally they are less expensive. The thing I love about steam is that you can get early access to some new games and get to play them as the developer finishes the final tweaks on the game.


In this blog I will be highlighting a variety of Independent Video Games (Indie) available on steam (as well as some other platforms). I really like playing games on Steam. It is convenient and easy to see all the options available out there. I love checking out the new games that are available. I will explore a variety of games. Some games to look out for an overview on are:

  • Monochroma

This game started on Kickstarter.  It has great black and white visuals and cinematic features.  There are no words in this game, but the beautiful music helps tell the story in this Puzzle game.

  • Subnautica

This game is in early access and is a survival and exploration game.  It has great graphics and visuals!

  • Garry’s Mod

This is a creative tool box game.  Essentially you can create anything.  There are many mods and modes available to add to the basic game.

  • Rimworld

This is a game that began on Kickstarter and is currently in early Access on steam.  Rimworld is story teller game centered on a Sci Fi colony.  You can create all types of things on the planet.

  • Braid

Is another beautifully designed game.  It is a puzzle platform game that is worth checking out.

These are just a handful of the many games I will highlight throughout the blog.  Happy reading and playing!