Top Indie games on steam

Subnautica is an early access game on Steam. With early access the game developer is letting the public give feedback to help create an even better game. The game is playable as it is but the hope is that it will grow during early access.

It was Developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Subnautica was released in December 2014. Sub nautical is a single player game that is rated T due to blood. It is available on Steam, Mac OS and Windows and is in development for XBox One.


The game is a survival and exploration game. The graphics in the game are amazing and very realistic. In the game you go into the deep alien underwater world. You have a first person viewpoint. The story in the game is that you are the only survivor on a crashed ship on an aquatic planet. This world has amazing things to discover and dangerous encounters. You craft equipment that you need and drive submarines. You will find all types of wildlife and coral reefs to explore.

There are Volcanos and cave systems you can observe. Meanwhile you need to survive and be aware of the various things that can attack you and you need to try to survive. Throughout the game you collect resources and make tools. You need to make sure your character is hydrated and fed. You also need to maintain the oxygen supply for your characters. There are three modes that you can play in the game. There is the Freedom Mode where you don’t have to worry if your character is hungry or thirsty. In the Hardcore mode (this is like survival) where the character can die. In creative mode the character doesn’t need to worry about hunger, thirst, health, and oxygen. You can also create all types of objects without having to get the resources to create them. In addition in creative mode the submersibles don’t need energy to run and won’t get damaged. Overall the game is underwater but there are also two fully explorable islands.  Subnautica is a fun game that can be played for hours.


Garry’s Mod Is a sandbox that allows you to play with tools and create all sorts of cool things. It was originally a source mod for the game Half-Life 2 but, eventually became its own game. The original version was mainly created by Garry Newman. The game was first released in 2004. In 2006 it was released on steam. The game was developed by Facepunch studios and Published by Valve. It is a game that can be played as a single-player, Multi-player, co-op, cross-platform multiplayer game. This game doesn’t have any specific goals except for you to play and create your game. In your game you spawn objects and then weld them together. By welding them together you can create all types of things such as cards, rockets and a catapult. You can play the game alone or with players online. There are thousands of mods available for Garry’s Mod. There is a large community that has added all types of modes to the game. There are some popular modes like finding terrorists in Trouble in Terrorist town or running a jail. You can easily download addons to try them out in the game. Garry’s mod is wildly popular allowing the players to create just about anything they can think of and creating their own worlds and games with in it.

As you can see these are some fun games to consider trying out. If you haven’t read my previous posts I would recommend going back and checking them out. There are other great Indie Steam games to check out.

Independent Video Games (also known as Indie games) are games that initially are made by individuals or a small group rout of people without a Video Game Publishers financial backing. Using innovation and digital distribution methods Indie games have been increasing in popularity and number.

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