What You Never Knew About Monochroma

Monochroma is a silent game where the characters hardly speak. In order for the player to understand whatever is going on in the game, they have to pay attention to the subtle details that are conveyed by different elements of the game. The game is definitely revolutionizing the whole silent concept and we are going to see more of these kinds of games in the future.

The story behind Monochroma is that of two brothers who escape their farm and flee to the city after witnessing a crime. In the city the two brothers have to face off with dark villains and complicated puzzles in order to survive. Gameplay is made even more difficult when the younger brother is unable to walk and hence has to be carried all over by the older brother. This significantly slows you while playing but once you put your brother down, you can regain full speed.

So what is it about Monochroma’s design that people should know?


  1. The visual design

It being a silent narrative, the developers decided to enhance the visual graphics of the game in order to give the story more clarity to the player. The visual graphics are black and white with a hue of red. They are very well elaborated and horrifyingly engaging to the player making it hard to stop playing once you have started. However, the graphics also feature some dark theme to it making it difficult to see clearly. Was that a mistake by the developer? Definitely not, the dark hue was put in order for the players to be more engrossed while playing the game. What usually happens when you can’t see something clearly? You simple try to look much closer and that is how you keep people addicted to the game.

  1. The Soudsn

The sounds are simple breath taking and they almost seem realistic. The music in the game was done by a Turkish band named Gevende. Considering that the game lacks dialogue, the developers did an awesome job in the sounds and music which give the player a sense of the emotions at the moment and hints as to what is going on in the game. More than once you will find yourself being guided by the sounds in order to complete certain tasks. The fact that the visuals are darkened and the sounds vivid, the developers also aimed at immersing the player’s whole senses (at least sight and sound) into the whole game thereby creating an almost realistic experience. Yes, it might be cruel to darken the game but at the end of it all you will complement the game for the game development and user engagement.


The Future

As of now the future of Monochroma lies with the game’s developer and updates to the game are said to have been halted. Whether there will be further developments to the whole story is something that we will have to speculate about and cross our fingers (for those who’ve played the game), especially considering the sad manner in which the whole game ends.

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